Veteran Housing neighborhoods are distributed throughout the site. Central to the campus is the most secure and protected neighborhood of permanent supportive housing for homeless veterans on the "high ground," with its own neighborhood services.

Town Center is located in the geographic center of the campus, touching on each of the primary veteran neighborhoods as a place of common contact.

Neighborhood Centers are located throughout the campus, are connected to each residential neighborhood, and provide focused supportive services and amenities.

Reintegration Zone is located in the current "industrial district" of the campus, focused on veteran reintegration, with opportunities for education and employment training, workshop and gallery space for the arts, and incubatorspace for nurturing veteran-initiated start-ups.

Medical District, south of Wilshire, with the repurposed hospital and with plans for a new bed tower, has an array of inpatient and ambulatory care facilities, a variety of hospitality facilities for hospital visitors and their families, and additional supportive housing options.

Accessible and programmed Open Space and Recreation are located throughout the campus.