West Los Angeles VA building to become homeless housing for veterans

WEST LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Michael Stewart, 61, served in the Navy working on submarines for nearly 10 years. But since he left the service in 1987, he’s had a difficult time maintaining a job and has ended up homeless. 

“A homeless person has no stability. Today, well, I might be around the corner from a job, but if there’s no purpose in going around that corner, I’ll never know the job is there,” Stewart said. 

Thanks to U.S. VETS, Stewart has a temporary roof over his head and the supportive services available to find that job. But thousands of L.A. County’s homeless population are veterans, just like Stewart, with no place to go. 

“There are a lot of veterans even with housing vouchers who can’t find housing so the housing crisis in L.A. is very acute, the rents are really high,” said Steve Peck, president and CEO of U.S. VETS. 

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