Nonprofit ‘Village For Vets’ Helps Hungry, Homeless Veterans Living in Tents

If it takes a village to help local homeless veterans, that village has definitely stepped forward. A tent city of sorts has been set up on the campus of the Veteran’s Administration in West Los Angeles, and it is getting a boost from a nonprofit. 

Forty-one homeless veterans live in their tents in two parking lots on the VA campus. This new program is part of the VA’s care treatment and rehabilitation services are a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

“I see hope, faith and a chance to continue with my life,” Eddie Chapman, a U.S. Army veteran currently experiencing homelessness, said.

Chapman is a 60-year-old veteran of the Gulf War, and he has been homeless ever since he was discharged in 1992. 

“It’s really an opportunity. They’re doing more things than I’ve ever seen for the homeless,” Chapman said.

He opted for a tent over a shelter because he’s worried about the coronavirus, but Chapman says he feels lucky to be homeless right now because there’s so much more help to be found.

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