$5 Million Temporary Homeless Shelter Proposed for Westside VA Campus

Councilman Mike Bonin introduced a motion Tuesday seeking funding for the city’s portion of a temporary homeless shelter to be located on the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration campus.

Under a partnership, the city and county of Los Angeles will split the cost of the construction of the $5 million facility, and the Department of Veterans Affairs will provide on-site services.

“None of us should be able to sleep at night as long as a veteran is sleeping on a sidewalk or under a bridge,” Bonin said. “Veterans have suffered from generations of broken promises. Bridge housing at the VA represents positive changes being made. This partnership is a down-payment on the housing and services the local VA is going to deliver.”

The facility to be located on the grounds of the VA campus will provide transitional housing beds for up to 100 homeless veterans, along with laundry facilities, personal hygiene centers, 24-hour security and supportive services.

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