Overcoming A Shameful Past, VA Plans Haven For Homeless Vets In West Los Angeles

A vast green space in one of the poshest neighborhoods in Los Angeles is slated to become a haven for homeless veterans. That’s a big change for the campus of the VA West Los Angeles Medical Center.

For years, parts of the property were illegally rented to a variety of commercial enterprises having nothing to do with helping veterans. This month, two men involved in those deals will be sentenced to federal prison for bribery and fraud.

The nearly 400 acres of the VA West Los Angeles Medical Center were donated in the 19th century to be a home for old and disabled soldiers. But the land hasn’t been used that way in decades. More recently it’s been home to parking lots for school buses and rental cars, a commercial laundry for hotels, a storage facility for TV shows, among other uses having nothing to do with veterans.

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