Permanent housing facility for homeless veterans opens at West LA VA as part of multistep city plan

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — For 59 homeless veterans in Los Angeles County, a new facility will offer them a comfortable place to stay as they try to get back on their feet.

As part of a multistep plan to fix the city’s homeless problem, the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs campus has been transformed into a community for now formerly, mostly older, homeless veterans.

“The words ‘homelessness’ and ‘veteran’ should never go next to each other in a sentence and yet, far too many languish on our streets,” said Los Angeles City Councilwoman Traci Park at the campus’ unveiling Tuesday.

Steve Peck, the president of the nonprofit U.S. Vets, which helped build the facility, also said the new facility will change how L.A. supports its homeless population.

“This will fundamentally change the service systems for veterans in Los Angeles. If we do this right, we have the opportunity to end homelessness in Los Angeles. Between the housing and supportive services and the prevention services,” said Peck.

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