Veteran Homelessness Has Barely Budged In LA. Here’s Why That’s A Win

On Tuesday, the county released the bleak results of its annual count of homeless people in Los Angeles.

Overall, the number of Angelenos sleeping on the streets or in temporary shelters increased by a whopping 12 percent — a major disappointment, given the ongoing efforts to address the issue.

But one group saw a modest improvement: military veterans.

Los Angeles housed more than 2,800 veterans last year. But nearly that many became homeless, too, so the population of former service members on the streets dropped by just 12 individuals between 2018 and 2019.

Yes — 12 veterans. That’s not a lot.

But it’s the second year in a row of headway in the struggle to house the largest population of homeless veterans in the country. The veteran numbers also bucked the trend of increases for other groups across L.A. County. Local veterans housing and service providers like Akilah Templeton have to take the wins as they come.

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