Editorial: Vets deserve a thriving town center on revamped West L.A. VA campus

The reimagining of the sprawling West L.A. campus of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is primarily focused on building housing for homeless vets. But that’s not all it’s about.

The 2015 settlement of a lawsuit against the VA led to a pledge to provide at least 1,200 units of housing to homeless veterans. It also spurred the creation of a 2016 master plan to transform the north end of the campus into a community for veterans, with residential buildings surrounding a town center where they can gather, partake in a variety of services, participate in activities or just relax. (The south end of the campus is dominated by the VA medical facilities.)

The housing effort, led by three developers, has finally gained momentum with 237 units opened and most occupied and another 380 under construction or about to break ground. That’s good progress on a daunting task. Now, VA officials must figure out what the town center should look like.

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