New housing opens for 59 homeless veterans on VA land in Los Angeles – 6 years after 1,200 units were promised

Los Angeles CNN — Every room has its own bathroom and a little kitchen area. Downstairs there’s a common room with a TV, a pool table and a baby grand piano. And every resident is a previously homeless veteran.

This once crumbling building on a vast Department of Veterans Affairs campus in a lovely, leafy suburb of Los Angeles is now a home for veterans who did not have one, in a city that has more homeless veterans than any other in the country.

“I want to acknowledge that this has been a long time coming,” said Dr. Steven Braverman, the VA official in charge, just before Tuesday’s ribbon cutting. “I want to acknowledge that the original plan put forth in 2016 said that this would be done a few years ago.”

This is the first newly refurbished building to open as part of that plan, which calls for 1,200 housing units on this land that was gifted in the 1880s by a local businesswoman named Arcadia Bandini Stearns de Baker with one concrete condition.

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